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Tel : +420 602 288 794
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Newly reconstructed suites in the centre of the spa area at the pedestrian zone by the Mill Colonnade, near the Hot Spring, with a beatiful view of the Teplá River and Charles IV. Tower. The suites for 2-3 persons are equipped in a comfortable way. The spacious rooms with Wifi and TV are also furnished with new furniture, a dining corner and closet. The bathroom contains a WC, shower and hairdryer. A kitchen with a fridge, stove, microwave, electric kettle, plates and other utensils, etc.

Get in

Bus and train station is located 2 km from the hotel. Taxi should cost around 150 CZK.

International airport Karlovy Vary is located 8 km from the hotel. Taxi costs around 500 CZK.

If you arrive by your car you need to obtain a permit (100 CZK/day) to enter the spa zone. This permit can by bought in a machine in the building of municipal police on Moskevska 34 street. 


We do not have parking and it is not possible park infront of the hotel.  We recommend to park the car outside the spa center (Underground parking on Náměstí Milady Horákové)


and take a taxi to the hotel. Parking is possible in hotel Ontario, Thermal and Krivan.

Free parking:

for example on streets 5.května and Pražská silnice